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Escribamens by prettydean82 FRM
Draco learns a highly secret family spell that will reveal his enemies' deepest...
Oath Breaker: Grudges Over Wine by Goblin Cat KC FRT
Set between Oath Breaker I and II. Harry and Lucius are forced to talk to each...
What the Future Holds by SensiblyTainted FRM
One-shot. A glimpse of the future at the end of Flying with Tattered Wings...
Flying With Tattered Wings by SensiblyTainted FRM
Long Epilogue to Shadows Within the Light! Harry Potter is dead and Shadow Snape...
Eagle in Flight by Oneesan Neko FRC
In a world of newtypes, a young sentinel searches for his guide, the other half...
Shadows Within the Light by SensiblyTainted FRM
Harry is reborn as Shadow Snape. He returns to a Hogwarts run by McGonagall...
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Alpha by The Amazing Maurice FRC
Death isn’t serious – he just has a very good poker face. An ‘alternative’...
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The Holiday Series by Calic0cat FRT
A series of holiday-inspired stories chronicling the development of Duo and...

This site exists primarily to host my own fanfics (plus a selection of stories by guest authors). The vast majority of what's here is Gundam Wing "yaoi" (1x2/2x1 and 1x2x5), though there are some "slash" stories for The Sentinel (Jim/Blair) too.

Don't know what "yaoi" and "slash" are? Click on the term to read its Wikipedia entry before reading any stories on this site. You have been warned!

I've tried to ensure that stories have sufficient warnings to avoid unpleasant surprises, yet not "spoil" the story by giving away too many details. Just keep in mind that I write and read fanfiction for pleasure - which means that I enjoy happy or at least hopeful endings. Keep that in mind when reading stories from this archive.

Under the age of majority in your country? Then I strongly suggest that you do *not* visit this site. No minors please!

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Note: This is a personal archive with a small, invitation-only guest fic archive. Uninvited submissions will not be accepted.
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Blasted script kiddies...

Sometime in the last couple of months, the site got nailed by script kiddy-style hacking. Real Life has been keeping me pretty occupied, so it took a while for me to notice. I've cleaned things up, tightened up security as best as I can manage, and have the fanfiction part of the site working again; it may take a while longer to get the fanart back up as that's a different script and I was several releases behind on it. It remains to be seen whether the current release will even integrate with eFiction; I really doubt that I'll be lucky enough for it to work "out of the box".

--Calic0cat on 2012.01.04 08:41 AM 173 Comments